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With the aim to give a peace of mind to customers, we develop a range of service agreements to ensure the optimal performance of communication, navigation, automation and other marine electronics’ equipment in the cost effective way.

Jason Electronics is able to take care of the total equipment lifecycle by offering Managed Service Agreements in which it monitors the usage and handles the maintenance and repairs of equipments. We keep records in our system and in this way we are securing effective service results, fast situation assessment and we can provide valuable management information on both the technical and financial side.



We offer 2 types of Service Agreements which customers can choose that suit their operations best.


Shore-Based Maintenance


Jason Electronics is fully aware of the increasing demand for higher efficiency and reducing cost in the maritime industry. To meet this requirement, it offers a convenient service solution – Shore-based Maintenance Agreement. We coordinate, provide and perform onboard service and maintenance of all GMDSS equipment for 24/7. It is based on a contract through which the customers outsource the maintenance and repair, in accordance with SOLAS GMDSS regulations (Chapter IV reg. 15) and radio maintenance guidelines (Res. A702-17). The objective is to ensure optimal performance of our customer’s communication, navigation and automation equipments in the most costeffective way.


Full Maintenance/Jason Care


Jason Electronics’ experience in marine electronics has spanned more than three decades. With all these years of experience behind us, we understand what sea farers at sea need, and efficiency matters the most in the marine industry where vessels travel around the world most of the times. In order to add value to our customers’ requests, we are constantly working with established renowned manufacturers from all over the world to bring our customers the state-of-the-art solutions. As part of the total solution for our customers, we have launched the JASONCARE SERVICE PACKAGE to enable our customers a peace of mind on their equipments’ maintenance, reducing the total cost of ownership and overcoming operation challenges.


BENEFITS of Jasoncare

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Lesser downtime
  • Increased working productivity
  • Reduced workload and problems


  • No. of equipment onboard, age and model
  • Trade route of vessel
  • Number of vessels in the fleet
  • Duration of contract
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No.Details of Exclusive JASONCARE Service Package
1 Annual Radio Survey, EPIRB, SSAS, SART, AIS testing
2 Gyrocompass Annual Overhaul, Magnetic Compass Adjustment
3 APT for SVDR / VDR
4 Free COC for VDR APT (where applicable to the brand of VDR)
5 1 pre-survey maintenance check (Singapore water excluding opl)
6 8 JASONCARE service tickets (Singapore water excluding opl )
7 Shore Based Maintenance certificate
8 Technical Advice on new Nav and Comms Regulations
9 Periodic report
10 24/7 Service hotline