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During the sales process, our sales managers / engineering and technical staff conduct a review prior to our commitment to provide the products and services to our customers to ensure that all the requirements are defined and met. We also ensure that the customer’s requirements are verified in cases where the customer does not provide any documented statement of requirements.

In addition, we ensure that we have the ability to meet all defined requirements to minimize any ambiguity in respect of specifications. A project team lead by Project Manager to provide the leadership to project integration and coordination to ensure project quality objectives will be achieved.

We will ensure that the requirements of the projects are defined and met. A Project Manager provides the leadership to project integration and coordination to ensure project quality objectives will be achieved.

Our project management process includes:

  • Project Planning
  • Safety Control
  • Material Quality Assurance
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance Training

Project Management Process

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Project Planning and Monitoring

The project shall be assigned to a project team led by a Project Engineer and reporting to the Pro-ject Manager. The project team shall review the scope of work and prepare the master / short term programs, Project Quality Plan, related Test Procedures, Material Quality Plan and Works Quality Plan. The Project Manager shall approve all these documents prior to use or issue the Project Manager.


The works breakdown structure will be created in our SAP project builder module for tracking and monitoring throughout the project life cycle. We are also capable to interface with the cus-tomer’s project management system such as Project Tools.


Monthly project status report is submitted to customer keep abreast with the progress of the project. For internal coordination, the project support team will update the project stakeholders with a fortnightly progress report. In addition, during the testing and commissioning phase the field team will record daily activities in a detailed task list to monitor the daily work in progress.


Safety Control

The Project Engineer shall ensure all the site commissioning and testing works are performed in a safe manner and shall ensure that everyone are issued the appropriate personal protective equipment and attending the daily safety meeting and adherence to all safety rules as required by the client or site. In addition, the Project Engineer shall conduct a risk assessment of the work and conduct briefing of the risk to the team prior commencement of work.


Material Quality Assurance

All received equipment and materials are inspected according to the Material Quality Plan to ensure that they comply with the quality requirements. When required, our engineering and technical staff would assemble the equipment and component to ensure that they comply with the specifications and to assess the quality and performance. The Inspection Acceptance Test (IAT) may be conducted jointly with the customer as part of the of the quality check in the Material Quality Plan. Only equipment and components which pass such tests may be delivered and used for integration. Equipment and components with defects will be rejected and replaced by our suppliers.


Operation and Maintenance Training

On the basis of the scope of work, the Commissioning team will coordinate with the customer to provide end user training on basic operational and maintenance of the systems. Depending on the Company’s specific needs, we provide customized training for your staff based on your requirement and standards.


Procurement Capability

One of the core activities to ensure a successful project is procurement and sourcing of equipments that meet the project and compliance to relevant regulatory requirements.


Our dedicated procurement team with functional expertise in procurement processes as well as tech-nical knowledge is able to source for the equipment locally and globally from major manufacturers. Procurement of equipment and materials are based on just-in-time (JIT) basis to ensure cost efficiency and the latest production batch from suppliers.


Potential suppliers are evaluated on the basis of their ability supply to the required specifications and quality. All suppliers on the Approved Vendor List are reviewed regularly on the basis of product quality, delivery performance such as timeliness, competitive pricing and response to any inquiry.