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Koden Marine GPS

Koden Marine GPS

GPS Navigator, Compass and Sensor for highly-accurate positioning
Koden GPS products support your safe navigation in various fields of Commercial, Fishing and Pleasure.
In addition to the GPS, they output accurate position or heading information to your Radar, Echo Sounder, Plotter, and Autopilot for safer and smoother navigation by the differential information from the Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS), WASS in the North America and EGNOS in Europe, or the Russian satellite system GLONASS (KGP-925 only). SBAS is very effective for pinpoint fishing, harbor approaching and narrow channel running.

  • GPS Navigator KGP-913MkII/913MkIID


    • SBAS, Satellite Based Augmentation Systems, are fully operated in USA (WAAS), Europe (EGNOS) and Asia (MSAS).
    • Parallel 18 - channel receiver provides precise and quick positioning at any time.
    • KGP-913MkIID has built-in beacon receiver. It can be used as a high-accuracy differential GPS navigator. Beacon stations all over the world are pre-installed (in countries where differential beacons are located).



  • GPS Compass KCG-222

    • 4.0 " LCD display unit.
    • Backup sensor built-in.
    • Pitch / roll and heaving data output.
    • SBAS (WASS / EGNOS) enabled.
    • 3 heading data output ports expandable to 5 ports (with optional junction box JB-35).
  • DGPS/GPS Sensor KPG-3/GPS20A

    • 18 channel parallel.
    • SBAS (WASS / EGNOS) enabled.
    • Beacon receiver built-in for a high-accuracy differential system
    • where beacon stations are located (KBG-3).
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