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About Us

We are a Marine Communication Equipment and Service Provider based in Singapore serving the Asia Pacific region for over 40 years. We provide marine electronic equipment and marine communication integration solutions for offshore vessels arriving in Singapore or around the Asia region.  


We serve as a central point for supply of all modern marine electronic products and equipment for vessels and oil and gas drill ships or rigs, including the provision of engineers and technicians to repair marine communication electronics equipment onboard vessels. Our forte is specializing in supplying marine electronics equipment, repair marine electronics, servicing marine communication system and full capability of marine system integration from design, delivery to commissioning for your ship or offshore platform oil rig.  


With our full range of products, we can be your one-stop provider of marine communication, marine electronics solutions, repair and troubleshooting, airtime and marine systems integration for maritime and oil & gas industries.



  • To be a Global World Class Company In Marine Electronics


To our Customer, we are their preferred Supplier.

To our Principals, we are their preferred Partner.

To our Staff, we are their preferred Employer.

To our Society, we are their preferred Corporate Citizen.


Delighting Customers and Developing People


  • Integrity & honesty
  • Positive attitude
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Excellent quality work
  • Deliver expected results
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Passion & drive
  • Walk the extra mile
  • Seek opportunities
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