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Jason Marine Group Limited (“Jason Marine” or the “Company”) is a leading marine electronics systems integrator and support services provider for the marine and offshore oil & gas industries.


The Company and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) have established a track record of delivering quality results safely and efficiently, enabling it to become one of the industry’s key players in Singapore and forging lasting relationships with a global customer base.

Established in 1976 with its headquarters in Singapore, Jason Marine has since expanded to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe and key shipbuilding markets such as South Korea and China. It carries an extensive range of supplies from renowned manufacturers and continues to expand its product range to meet customers’ exacting requirements.

The Group’s proven expertise in marine communication, navigation and automation systems enables it to offer one-stop solutions that span design, supply, integration, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. Jason Marine also provides certification services and sells satellite airtime services to complement its communications business.

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