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VSAT System

VSAT System

We supply Marine VSAT Antennas in Singapore.

We provide major brands of VSAT terminals, with the capability to assemble, install and commission, including internet airtime satellite subscription for the VSAT System internet connectivity in a all-in-one package for vessels and rigs of all sizes.


The main components of a VSAT consist of the following:

  • Antenna.

  • Block upconverter (BUC)

  • Low-noise block downconverter (LNB)

  • Spectrum Analyzer

  • Antenna Control Unit (ACU)


  • Router

VSAT System Integration

To determine what type of VSAT terminal unit in Singapore to be use onboard a vessel or ship, we need to know the type of vessel or ship using the VSAT and the location of the VSAT to be placed. The position and placement of the VSAT unit is important, with the least blockage zones. The VSAT antenna terminal need to be line-of-sight to the Satellite to ensure optimum connectivity.

We would also need to know how many crew onboard will be using the vessel's VSAT broadband internet bandwidth. What coverage sea area the vessel will be operating. These will determine what type of bandwidth needed for the Ocean vessels, be it C-band, Ku-Band or Ka-Band with global coverage or regional coverage. The type of bandwidth speed required will ascertain the monthly subscription fee of the Maritime VSAT internet broadband service we provide from Singapore.

We are able to design and provide an integrated communication systems that will suit customer needs within the Maritime industry. 


Our Services for VSAT in Singapore

- VSAT Terminal Unit

- Layout Design

- Assembly of VSAT unit

- Configuration of VSAT system

- VSAT Internet Airtime subscription 

- C-Band, Ku-band, KA-Band

- VSAT system commissioning  

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