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Jason provides a wide range of sustainable solutions.

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Importance of Sustainable Solutions in the Marine Industry

The importance of renewable energy in the maritime industry lies in its ability to address environmental concerns, promote sustainability, and offer economic and technological benefits. By shifting from traditional fossil fuels to renewable sources like wind, solar, and marine-specific technologies, the industry can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize pollution risks, and contribute to global efforts in combating climate change. Furthermore, the adoption of renewable energy helps maritime nations achieve energy security, , comply with and increasingly stringent environmental regulations Overall, the integration of renewable energy in the maritime sector is essential for a more sustainable, resilient, and environmentally conscious industry.

How does Jason incorporate sustainable solutions?

Apart  from  expanding  geographically,  we  are  expanding our  customer  base  beyond  our  traditional  profile  of  oil and gas customers. Given the rapid growth in renewable energy,    we    are    providing    marine    communication equipment   and   installation   services   for   vessels   that operate  in  offshore  windfarms,  such  as  wind  turbine installation vessels.
We  believe  the  prospects  for  the  offshore  renewable energy  market  are  bright

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