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Integrated Automation System (Commercial Vessels) by Sedni

We provide dedicated Marine Automation Systems, from small stand-alone alarm systems to fully integrated alarm and control systems. Sedni’s marine automation system is built from modular hardware components to provide an optimal solution to all types of vessels.


Our reliable & robustness marine electronics and software for monitoring and control are composed by these products:

  • Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System, including PMS, cargo & ballast monitoring and control.

  • Loading Calculator. Software for loading & stability calculations.

  • Management software of containers. An application to manage container carriers.


IAMCS by Sedni

The DIAMAR marine automation system of Sedni is a distributed integrated alarm monitoring and control system (IAMCS), which was designed to meet the most demanding requirements of shipyards and shipowners. DIAMAR is built from modular hardware components to provide an optimal solution to all types of vessels, under the highest standards of safety and reliability.

1. Ferries, ROPAX, RORO
2. Container ships
3. Bulk carrier, car carriers
4. Shuttle tankers, chemical tankers
5. Offshore support & construction vessels
6. Research vessel, fishing and coastal vessel
7. Mega-Yachts


Loading Calculator by Sedni

Maximizing load while minimizing stress and assuring ship stability at all times is an advantage from the point of view of safety and economical performance.

NEREIDA is an application developed by Sedni, that allows the user to calculate an optimal load and ballast distribution for every type of vessel, making the work of the captain and deck officers easier and faster. Developed in a graphical and intuitive environment, NEREIDA calculates the stability and longitudinal strength of the ship.


Containers Software by Sedni

NEREIDA CONTAINERS is a software application mainly oriented to shipping companies, brokers and container terminals which allows the management of one or several container carriers from the offices. Quick, comfortable and accurate work system that will entail an increase of the productivity of the company with a decrease of the human resource cost.

It calculates the number of movements needed by each crane to estimate the total operation time. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) performs a practically immediate transmission and with total accuracy of the complete bay plan.

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