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ACR OLAS Tag (Wearable Crew Tracker)

ACR OLAS Tag (Wearable Crew Tracker)

Wearable MOB Technology for Everyone (& Every Pet!)

The ACR OLAS Tag is a Wearable Crew Tracker that integrates OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System) technology.

    • Overview

      The ACR OLAS Float-On is a buoyant Wearable Crew Tracker that integrates OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System) technology with an LED flashlight and water-activated strobe. The ACR OLAS mobile application technology detects a break in its ‘virtual tether’ to the ACR OLAS Float-On within 8 seconds of a transmitter going missing. The mobile phone(s) then sounds an alarm and records the latitude and longitude of the incident using the phone or tablet's GPS. ACR OLAS then aids the crew with the MOB recovery, clearly directing them to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data.


      ACR OLAS stores all location data and time of incident required by the rescue services. As an extra safety feature, in addition to the audible alarm on the mobile device, the strobe light automatically activates once the transmitter’s integrated water sensors detect six seconds of water connection. The high-power strobe flashes once every second for up to 20 hours, is visible up to 3 nautical miles away and provides an important additional safety tool for low light rescues.


      Travelling Alone?

      Activate Solo mode on the app (2G phone signal required) when boating alone and the OLAS app will automatically text message (SMS) your emergency contact with your GPS coordinates in the event you get separated from your boat.

    • Features

      • ACR OLAS Free Mobile App Integration
      • Versatile Attachment Solution (Wrist-worn, life jacket, dog collar, attach to Personal Locator Beacon)
      • Waterproof (IP 67)
      • Bluetooth® 4.1 Compatible
      • Low Battery Indicator Light
      • 3,500 Hours Per Battery When Armed
      • User Replaceable Battery (CR2477)


      Start Small or Go Big

      Users can track up to 6 different OLAS Transmitters with 1 phone/tablet and each individual OLAS Transmitter can be tracked by an unlimited number of phones/tablets. If you want to track more OLAS Transmitters, add the ACR CORE base station or Guardian Engine Kill Switch and scale your system to monitor up to 15 OLAS Transmitters for larger vessels.


      More Information

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