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Koden Drilling Monitor DM-604R

Koden Drilling Monitor DM-604R

Koden Drilling Monitor, DM-604R is measurement tool to see whole conditions (tendencies) of the hole by ultra-sonic wave. Recent progress and development in foundation engineering has resulted in great strides in excavation techniques. By using artificial slurry of high density and specific gravity, deeper excavation has been made possible. The DM- 602R/604R series Drilling Monitor system has been developed in compliance with the user’s needs arising from the recent construction environment to accurately measure and record the shape of a drilled hole of greater depth. It can be easily positioned and set up for measurement to provide quick and accurate recordings of excavations.

  • Overview

    The DM-602R/604R series Drilling Monitor provides the following advantages:

    • Helps improve the quality of a drilled hole and reduces working time and cost.
    • Provides on-site records of the perpendicularity of drilled holes and the shape of cross sections in high accuracy.
    • Provides numerical measurement data that can be easily imported into various Windows applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) for work reports, etc.
  • Features

    • The DM-602R/604R supplies clear records of a drilled hole even in slurry, heavily contaminated with dirt and sand.
    • The DM-602R/604R supplies clear and precise records thanks to its unique signal processing technique that discriminates wall echoes from the noise.
    • The DM-602R/604R has the facility to cancel the oscillation line echo that often prevents very close echo recordings.
    • The sensor device is automatically controlled to stop at the casing and at the bottom of the hole. An emergency return function is also included.
    • Depth range mark, depth mark, drilled hole mark, date, time, etc. can be printed on the recording paper.
    • Limit switches are provided to avoid possible wire breakage or entanglement of the wire and cable.
    • The recorded result can be output to an external PC via a built-in RS 232C output port.
    • A non-fuse circuit breaker is used for circuit protection, eliminating the need for cumbersome fuse replacement at the construction site.
  • Scope of Supply

    1. Winch Unit
    2. Recorder Unit
    3. Connecting Cable
    4. AC Power Cable
    5. Operation Manual
    6. Recording Stylus x 2
    7. Current Feed Stylus x 2
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