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Koden KDS-6000BB Sonar

Koden KDS-6000BB Sonar

The Next Big Thing is Here Frequency Hopping Broadband Sonar

  • Features

    Advanced Broadband Technology

    KDS-6000BB is world first Broadband searchlight sonar. The most suitable output frequency can be selected from 130kHz to 210kHz in 0.1 kHz step depending on the target species from closer range to longer range. Selection of frequency is easy and quick. Flexible selection of frequency enables the user to stay away from interference with the sounders on the other vessels.


    Digital signal processing enables high resolution images

    Both of high resolution in closer range and noise reduction performance in longer are materialized at high level with newly-developed digital signal processing, KDP-V (Koden Digital Processing series V).


    High scan speed for fast fish detection

    Scanning speed is remarkably increased by adding 15°and 20° in scanning sector angle steps. These steps are not eguipped with the current model. lt can detect surrounding fish schools quickly.


    Four different presentation modes available for various fishing scenes

    ・Sonar mode is useful for searching around the ship.

    ・Off-center mode helps to show more information of ahead.

    ・Echo sounder mode for displaying image like fishfinder is also available.

    ・Bottom scan mode can display reflected echoes from underwater and seabed in a cross selection image.


    User friendly operation with Conditional Memory keys

    -Six of CM(Condition Memory) keys offer the user to preset all the current settings and recall them instantly. It is like six sonars in one unit.


    Black Box type

    KDS-6000BB comes in black box. The user can select a monitor from the market or the optional 17 inch LCD monitor.


    Space-saving Hull unit

    Newly-desighed compact Hull unit allows for saving the space on your vessel.

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