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ACR RCL-85 LED Searchlight

ACR RCL-85 LED Searchlight

Remote Controlled LED Searchlight

The all-new RCL-85 LED searchlight was designed for the boater who wants to ditch the hassle of halogen searchlights but still wants their affordability. With an impressive 240,000 candelas using 6 High Flux (30W) LEDs, you have visibility over ½ of a nautical mile to light the way to your destination. The simple installation only requires running your 12 to 24-volt power to the searchlight, all operations are completely wireless.

  • Overview

    • Suitable for small to medium-sized recreational powerboats and light commercial vessels
    • Equipped with a wireless handheld remote to rotate the light 350 degrees
    • The 8-degree beam angle allows light to be tilted at an impressive 90 degrees, making lighting draw bridges, buoys, and docks a breeze
    • Use the Strobe function to signal for help
    • Weather-resistant
  • Features

    • 6 High Flux LEDs (OSRAM)
    • 240,000 Candela, Max Beam Distance 3,215 Feet (980 m)
    • Wireless Handheld Remote (Included)
    • 350-degree Rotation and 90-degree Tilt (45o up and 45o down from home position)
    • 2 Amps (12V) to 1.1 Amps (24V)
    • Efficient, long-life LED’s - 50,000 operating hours
    • UV & Weather Resistant
    • Simple Installation (12-24V Power Connection Only)


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