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SAC Non-Directional Beacon NDB Transmitters

SAC Non-Directional Beacon NDB Transmitters

Non-Directional Beacons (NDB) are RF transmitters which are used for fundamental navigation of aircrafts, both in offshore installations and on land.

  • Features

    The SE Series of NDB transmitters are fully digital systems, which come standard with Ethernet ready connections for remote monitoring without the need for additional software.  Local controls are accomplished through front panel push buttons, with information displayed on an LCD screen.  Setup, troubleshooting, and calibration are easily performed through the use of the on-screen menus and built-in test equipment information.

    Each NDB system requires a transmitter, antenna, and an antenna tuning unit (coupler) for proper operation.


    SE Series Features

    Built-In Test Equipment (BITE)

    All SE transmitters include a comprehensive BITE section.  Available from either the front panel LCD display or a remote computer, tr