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Samyung MF/HF Radio Transceiver SRG-250/400

Samyung MF/HF Radio Transceiver SRG-250/400

Remote control by compact controller 

The existing communication type(C.W) possible

Built-in self-test and easy maintenance owing to module unit

Dual type, operable at indication panel and keyboard


  • Specification

    General information
    Frequency range : TX : 1.6MHz ~ 27.5MHz(100Hz STEP) RX : 1.6MHz ~ 27.9MHz(10Hz STEP)
    TX/RX channel : Full ITU channels
    Memory channel : 2,000 channels
    Frequency tolerance : within 10Hz(within 0.3PPM)
    Modes of emission : J3E, H3E, F1B, J2B, A1A
    Communication mode : Simplex and duplex
    Operating temp. : -15℃~ +55℃
    Power supply : AC 110/220V 50/60Hz & DC24V

    Output power : 250W(SRG-250)/400W(SRG-400)
    Modulation mode : Low power level modulation type
    Occupation frequency band range : within J3E, H3E 3KHz within F1B, J2B, A1A 0.5KHz
    2 Tone alarm : 1300Hz, 2100Hz

    Receiving type : Synthesized double super heterodyne type
    Modes of emission : J3E, H3E, R3E, FQB, J2B, F3C, A1A
    Image disturbance rate : more than 70dB
    Input impedance : 50

    DSC Rx
    Frequency : 2187.5, 4.27.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5KHz
    Modes of emission : F1B, J2B
    Frequency stability : within 10Hz
    Speed of modulation : 100BAND

    Type of modulation : Phase sequence AFSK
    Intermediate frequency : 1700Hz
    Speed of modulation : 100BAND(ARQ, FEC MODE)
    Frequency tolerance : within 0.5Hz
    Mark : 7 units CORD 4B/3Y MARK signal  


    Type of printing : Heat sensitive serial dot type
    Character composition : 9 7 DOT WIDE
    Number of printing character : 40(standard size), 80(small size)
    Width of printing : 89.6mm
    Width of paper : 112mm

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