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Simrad E50xx ECDIS

Simrad E50xx ECDIS

IMO approved ECDIS with radar overlay, NAVTOR ENC support, S-57/S-63 chart import & MFD capability

  • Overview

    IMO Type Approval

    Used in the supplied configuration with M50xx pilothouse monitor and type-approved ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts), the Simrad E50xx ECDIS system is IMO type approved for use on all SOLAS ships and other vessels that must carry an Electronic Chart Display and Information System under the ECDIS Carriage Mandate.

    Under SOLAS amendments all existing large passenger, tanker, and cargo ships will be obliged to fit ECDIS on a rolling timetable that began in July 2012 and ends in July 2018. All new passenger ships over 500gt, tankers over 3,000gt, and cargo ships over 3,000gt are already required to carry an ECIDS system.


    Widescreen High-Definition Display

    The ECDIS E50xx system includes the Simrad widescreen monitor. Its Full HD 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution delivers sharp, highly detailed charts, with crisp and clear text for maximum readability.

    A modern interface offers rapid access to critical features with clearly labelled quick access tiles. Route planning is simplified through integration with the main chart window and drag-and-drop manipulation of waypoints.


    Simple Installation

    The E50xx system consists of a standalone ECDIS processor, connected by a single HDMI cable to a flush-mount monitor. The included trackball controller connects wirelessly, and may be used on any console or surface. With just a monitor cut-out required, a compact and easily-mounted processor, and minimal wiring, a quick and simple installation is possible on most vessels.


    PLECDIS (Paper-Less ECDIS) Support

    Two E50xx ECDIS systems may be linked with a single Ethernet cable to create a cost-effective, IMO type-approved ‘Paper-Less ECDIS’. This allowing vessels to navigate without paper charts, in compliance with SOLAS requirements. All routes, mariners objects and charts are automatically synchronised between the two systems, and systems can be configured to share connected sensors – different stations can be used for planning and navigation, installed side-by-side on the bridge or in separate areas of the ship.


    Radar, AIS & ARPA Overlay

    Maximise situational awareness with real-time radar image and AIS/ARPA target overlays. Immediately see where storm cells and other weather features lie in relation to your planned course, and navigate with a comprehensive view of surrounding marine traffic and other collision hazards. Overlay functionality works with Simrad Argus radar, and any NMEA0183-compatible ARPA or AIS receiver.


    Charting Options

    The E50xx ECDIS system supports chart installation from USB flash drives via any internet-connected PC.

    AIO (Admiralty Information Overlay)

    Fully supported on the E50xx, AIO provides additional information to navigators including Admiralty Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs), temporary or newly-reported navigational hazards, and advance notice of changes that have not yet been incorporated into the latest ENCs. The AIO service can be updated via any internet-connected PC with the same NavStick USB device used for licensing and chart installation.


    Electronic Chart System (ECS) with MFD functionality

    On non-SOLAS vessels that do not require a type-approved ECDIS system, the E50xx ECDIS system may be employed as an unapproved Electronic Chart System (ECS). As an ECS, the E50xx system may be used with any Simrad M5000 Series professional marine monitor; in addition to the 24-inch monitor required for ECDIS use, smaller 16- and 19-inch monitors are also available in the same 16:9 widescreen format.

    With its secondary HDMI output, the E50xx system can also drive a fully independent multifunction display to control Ethernet-connected Simrad performance modules including radar, echosounders, and StructureScan sonar imaging, in addition to third-party accessories such as FLIR cameras, CCTV, engine sensors, and instrumentation.


    The E50xx provides a flexible and economical platform on which both official and unofficial ENCs may be used to provide professional-grade navigation alongside radar and echosounder displays, live camera feeds, and other digital instrumentation.


    Download Brochure

    Simrad E5024 Flyer PDF 2.3MB

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