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Simrad R3016 12U/6X Radar System

Simrad R3016 12U/6X Radar System

IMO type approved 6-foot/12 kW X-Band radar solution for CAT3 SOLAS vessels.

  • Overview

    The Simrad R3016 12U/6X is an IMO type approved radar solution for CAT 3 SOLAS vessels. Ideal for use aboard workboats, tugs and coastal fishing vessels, its 12-kilowatt X-Band transceiver and 6-foot open array scanner are designed to offer outstanding radar performance, high reliability, and low maintenance in demanding commercial applications. Ideal for vessels with limited space, a single console combines a 16-inch widescreen display, controls, and integrated processor to deliver a powerful radar solution in a compact package.

    • Simple, low-impact installation
    • Integrated display console requires no external processor, controls or power supply
    • Widescreen display maximises screen space available for alarms, indicators and target tracking information
    • Control console is easy to learn and operate, for reduced training time and cost
    • Large and responsive buttons provide reliable control in all conditions, and with wet or gloved hands
    • Reduced sea clutter on screen with advanced digital processing
    • Safe navigation and collision avoidance with reliable automatic target tracking
    • Robust antenna and transceiver design reduces maintenance requirements
  • Features

    IMO Type Approved

    The R3016 12U/6X is an IMO compliant X-Band radar solution for CAT3 SOLAS vessels (those under 500 gross tonnes).


    X-Band Radar System

    This X-Band radar system features a 6-foot open array scanner with 12-kilowatt up-mast transceiver. Designed for maximum reliability aboard commercial vessels, the antenna is driven by a brushless motor and robust mechanical gearbox while the transceiver includes a long-life magnetron.


    R3016 Radar Control Unit

    The Simrad R3016 radar control unit offers a new level of simplicity in radar system design and installation. The all-in-one control unit incorporates the display, controls and processor in a single compact console. Important for smaller vessels with limited space, this system requires no bulky additional PC processor and reduces the need for cabling between components. Installation costs are further reduced with easily-routed Ethernet cabling and a compact, bulkhead-mounted power supply unit.


    Outstanding Radar Performance

    The R3016 12U/6X system delivers outstanding radar performance for demanding commercial applications. Built around a new generation digital processing front end, this system features enhanced target tracking capabilities, extremely clear target definition, and advanced automated tuning controls delivering a powerful solution in a compact package.


    16-inch HD Widescreen Display

    The R3016 radar control unit’s high-definition display provides a detailed 180-millimetre PPI to meet IMO type approval standards for CAT3 SOLAS vessels, while the widescreen format offers ample on-screen display space for alarms, indicators, and target tracking information.


    Keypad Operation with Direct-Access Menu Keys

    The R3016 is operated by an integrated keypad and rotary dial. Direct-access menu keys beside the display activate adjacent on-screen menu options, for quick and intuitive access to key settings and features. With reliable, long-life operation and clear tactile feedback, the R3016’s large buttons are suitable for use in rough seas, while travelling at speed, and with wet or gloved hands.


    Simple, Low-Impact Installation

    The radar control unit may be flush or bracket mounted, for simple installation aboard new vessels or retrofit into existing pilothouse setups. The control unit connects to the up-mast transceiver via thin and easily-routed Ethernet cabling, allowing cable runs of up to 60 metres; a 15 metre cable is standard. The system is designed for 24-volt DC operation, with direct 24-volt input to the control unit and a compact bulkhead-mounted power supply for the antenna.


    IEC 61162 Compatible

    The R3016 radar control unit provides IEC 61162-1/2 connectivity to enable communication with compatible devices such as heading and speed sensors, AIS transceivers, and GPS receivers.

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