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Community Activities

At Jason Marine, it is our goal to be our society’s preferred corporate citizen. The nature of our operations means that our main contact with the society is with the maritime community at the shipyards and vessels where we operate in, and those who use our systems and products. Through our stringent safety standards and responsible use of products as discussed in previous chapters, we ensure that any negative impacts for the maritime community are minimal. We also aim to positively impact local communities beyond the maritime community, and we have been doing so through community development and engagement programmes.

List of Activities
  • Edu-Aid 2014 - 2018 for low income families of Telok Blangah

  • Donation to Palm Island Bursary Club to provide sport facilities for NTU

  • Donation to Beyond Social Services to support the disadvantaged children

  • Visit to St. John’s Home

  • Health Talk “The Importance of Regular Eye Check-Ups”

  • Mother’s Day celebration

  • Fund raising for Indonesian colleagues Chen Su Lan Children Home

  • MILK Fund (Mainly I Love Kids) donation

  • Visit to Chen Su Lan's Children Home

  • MoneySmart programme to create awareness of the importance of personal financial management

  • Mother’s Day celebration

  • BigWalk sponsorship for staff and their family

  • Health Talk on Osteoprorosis

  • Ice Cream for Charity Sale

  • Blood Donation

  • The Humanitarian Assistance to The Victims of Tidal Wave

Photo Gallery

EDU-AID 2018

EDU-AID 2017

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