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Upgrade Your VDR to Netwave NW6000 to Save Time & Money

Orolia Maritime have launched a new range of Netwave VDR Upgrade Kits which accelerate the modernization of a wide range of older VDR models. With a global install base of more than 6,000 vessels, Netwave NW6000 VDRs offer technological confidence in an affordable solution.

As a SOLAS mandated technology, your Vessel Data Recorders’ (VDR) dependability is integral to the effective management of your fleet. Reliability, usability and minimized downtime are the foundation blocks for a trouble free VDR. By upgrading your aging system to a Netwave NW6000 you can ensure ease of installation with minimal downtime, while providing crew friendly features and access to a global service network.

Why You Should Upgrade to NW6000 VDR

  • Fully compliant with July 2014 IMO installation standard MSC 333.(90).

  • Short installation time of only 1 day on average.

  • Reduced upgrading costs from re-utilizing existing sensor modules and cabling (where feasible).

  • Enjoy lower lifetime cost of ownership by upgrading older VDRs near their end service, resulting in cheaper maintenance and annual APT costs.

  • Gain a peace of mind with 10-year service guarantee and 7 years parts support after final manufacture date (for new components only).

  • Access to one of the largest global service networks, with over 1300 certified engineers.

Interested to find out more about Netwave's VDR upgrade process? Email to get in touch with our friendly sales representatives.

Jason Marine Group is an Approved Service Supplier of Orolia Maritime.

Download Brochure: Netwave NW6000 VDR Upgrade Kits

Netwave NW6000 Upgrade VDR Solutions
Download PDF • 2.74MB

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